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Rates & Fees

As of: July 1, 2020

The rates appearing below are accurate as of the last dividend declaration date, or as of the date indicated above. If you have any questions or require current rate information on your accounts, please call the Credit Union at (864) 366-5615.

Par Value of Membership Shares: The Par Value of a Membership Share is $25.00.


Truth-in-Savings Act Rate and Fee Schedule
This Rate and Fee Schedule is part of your Agreement with the Credit Union

Share Account Share Savings Account Money Management Account Checking Account IRA Savings Account Christmas Club Savings Account Non-Dividend Account
Dividend Rate .05%   .02%   .05% 0.00%
Annual Percentage Yield (APY) .05%   .02%   .05% 0.00%
Dividends Compounded Quarterly   Monthly Monthly Quarterly Monthly
Dividends Credited Quarterly   Monthly Monthly Quarterly Monthly
Dividend Period Monthly   Monthly Monthly Monthy Monthly
Minimum Opening Deposit $25.00   N/A N/A N/A N/A
Term Share Certificate Accounts Variable Rate Share Certificate Account Fixed Rate Share Certificate Account Variable Rate IRA Certificate Account Fixed Rate IRA Certificate Account
Minimum Opening Deposit - Minimum Balance to Earn APY N/A $1,000 N/A N/A
Dividends Compounded N/A At Maturity N/A N/A
Dividends Credited N/A At Maturity N/A N/A
Dividend Period N/A At Maturity N/A N/A
Term Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield
6 Month call for current rates call for current rates N/A N/A    
12 Month call for current rates  call for current rates N/A  N/A    
18 Month call for current rates  call for current rates N/A  N/A    
24 Month call for current rates  call for current rates N/A  N/A    

Credit To Accounts For Member Deposits and Business Day Disclosure:

The Credit Union's 'daily cut-off time': All deposits or transactions received after the time we close for business on a day we are open or received after we open our Night Depository, or received on a day on which we are closed for business, will be treated as if received on the next business day that we are open. Our business hours are listed below.
The Credit Union's 'daily cut off time' for Uniform Commercial Code Funds Transfers: Any dollar amount may be transferred until 5:00 p.m., on a business day. Any request for a transfer after 5:00 p.m., will be sent on the next business day we are open.
The Credit Union's business day disclosure: Our business days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and Wednesday 9:00 – 12:00, excluding holidays. Our Night Depository is open 24 hours 7 days a week. (Deposits made after 5:00 p.m. or on a day we are not open will be processed on the next business day we are open).
Stop Payment Orders: The Credit Union will not be obligated to take any action on a valid and appropriate Stop Payment Order received by us after 5:00 PM on a business day until after we open for business on the following business day.
Approved Check Printer / Vendor Main St. Inc.

Electronic Funds Transfer Services: Limitations, Fees, and other Important Information:

Daily ATM Limits
*$600.00 Per 24 Hours On-line Transaction Processing Generally it will take 2-5 days to process a transaction
Daily POS Limits
*$500.00 Per 24 Hours   *Cumulative Limits: $1100 per 24 hour period

Fees applicable to Electronic Banking Transactions:

Transactions including inquires using the CIRRUS, or Star Networks
(4 free per month thereafter, each transaction)
(Transaction) $3.00
Replacement ATM card fee (per occurrence) $10.00 (1st Card)
$15.00 (2nd Card)
PIN Reminder (per occirance) $5.00

Important Information Regarding Your Electronic Services: Home Banking Inquiries: 864-366-5615

Club Accounts

Account Account Requirements: Distribution Methods:
Christmas Club Plan Period 11/01 thru 10/31 Each Year
Deposits Allowed: Any time during plan period
Deposit to Primary Share Account
Vacation Club Deposits allowed throughout year Cash upon request, check or deposit in share account

Fees and Services Charges For All Accounts and Services *

Returned Item Fee (per item) / unpaid items that are returned by the institution upon which drawn $35.00
Account Reconciliation Fee (per hour 1 hour minimum) $40.00
Check copy fee (per item) (share draft checks) $5.00
Dormant Fee (per month after 12 months without activity) $10.00
Statement copy fee (per statement/printout) (1099’s) $5.00
Check Request or Certified Check Fee (per draft) $5.00
Wire Transfer (USA) Fee (per transfer) – Outgoing & Incoming $25.00
Wire Transfer (international) Fee (per transfer) $50.00
Manual posting of ACH/drafts due to incorrect routing or acct # $5.00
Excessive share savings transaction fee (per transaction) - 2 per month $6.50
Money Order Fee (per money order) $1.75
Stop Payment Request Fee (per request) checks and ACH $35.00
Travel cards $3.50
$2.00 (reload)
Internet Banking Password Reset $5.00
Third Party Check Cashing Fee: The Credit
Union may charge a third party a fee for any
inquiry or cashing a check drawn by our
Member on us.
(per item)
Check cashing per item unless member
has a regular checking acct, or $600
aggregate in deposits
AVS/housing verification fee $5.00
Card capture (if we receive card back from another ATM $25.00
ATM transaction fee (per transaction over 4 per month) $3.00
Member Copies (per page) $.25
Return statement fee (incorrect address) $6.00
Open another checking account after one has been administratively closed $35.00
Account Closing within 6 months of Opening $25.00
Research Services Fee (per hour) $35.00
Legal Process Tax Levies, Garnishments, etc. (per occurrence) $35.00
Christmas Club Withdrawal Fee (per withdrawal after 1st) $15.00
Membership Fee (one time upon application) $25.00
Membership Fee (non-refundable) $1.00
Internet Banking Fee with Checking Account Free
Check by phone $10.00
Reopen of membership $25.00
Loan or Account Verification Fee $25.00
Call-in transfer requests or automated transfers to cover NSF transactions $3.00
Negative balance  fee after 5 days;  maximum $75.00 $5.00

* Fees stated apply unless a specific law requires a lesser amount, in which case the lesser amount shall apply.

Costs, Expenses and Attorneys' Fees ALL ACCOUNTS / SERVICES. All owners of account(s) or service(s) with us agree, jointly and severally, to pay us for all costs and expenses, including attorneys' fees we may incur: (1) If it is necessary for us to bring any legal or other action to collect any sum you owe the Credit Union; (2) If we incur any costs or expense as a result of any order or instruction received from any owner or any owner's agent under this Agreement, any adverse claim, legal process; your failure to comply with any obligation in this Membership Agreement or otherwise; (3) If we incur any expense as a result of any dispute, adverse or inconsistent claims; (4) If we bring any action contemplated in this Agreement; (5) If we successfully defend any claim against the Credit Union brought by any owner, agent, personal representative, executor, heir or other party in interest brought via any formal or informal process (including but not limited to arbitration or mediation) involving your accounts or services with us; or (6) If we deem it necessary to seek the advice or opinion of legal counsel or other professionals regarding the bona fides or legality of any transaction(s) to/from your accounts or involving any services with us, or any request for information or documentation regarding any of your accounts and/or services with us. If you are responsible to pay us any costs of collection or legal expenses incurred in collecting any amount you owe; in enforcing or protecting our rights under this Agreement or otherwise; or as provided in this subsection, including but not limited to costs of repossession, repair, appraisal, and all other costs or expenses, you agree to pay us the actual amount of such costs and expenses together with reasonable attorneys’ fees. In the case of any collection action you agree that 20% of the unpaid balance or such greater sum as may be appropriate based on the circumstances shall be a reasonable amount, unless applicable law specifically provides otherwise. Further, you agree to pay the Credit Union an additional sum for any costs, legal expenses or attorneys’ fees incurred in any appellate, bankruptcy or post-judgment proceedings, except as limited or prohibited by applicable law. Any costs, expenses or fees hereunder will be paid from any of your account(s) with the Credit Union before payment to any owner or other party. If the amounts in your account(s) are not sufficient, then the owner(s) of the affected account(s) or parties to any applicable services will immediately pay any difference.